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Marketing Body-Worn Security Cameras to the Retail Industry

Retailers are looking for new security solutions to prevent significant increases in violence and shoplifting, and body security cameras are an option they’re testing.

Marketing body worn cameras

Effective electronic security marketing often focuses on problem-solving. Your potential clients are often searching for solutions to their specific industry or vertical challenges, and while they often know that enhanced security is needed, they are not aware of the solutions available to them. Your marketing campaigns should focus on this opportunity. 

Retailers Need New Security Solutions to Address Growing Challenges

Today the retail industry faces growing problems from dramatic increases in organized violence and shoplifting in their retail locations. Often organized by larger organizations that are getting increasingly savvy and increasingly effective, body-worn cameras by the retailer’s employees can be a successful strategy when enhancing their security technology and capabilities. 

Body security cameras can complement the existing fixed security camera and access control solutions your company already provides. With a body camera marketing campaign focused on retailers, you can strengthen your security firm’s position in the retail industry as a proactive partner and solution provider.

Tips to Market Body Cameras to Retailers

  1. Resourceful Blog Articles: Explain how the technology can be configured to address these problems.
  2. Create Videos Showing Body Worn Cameras in Action: Retailers would want to see how your body cameras would work and be worn by their employees.
  3. Add Website FAQs on Body Worn Cameras: Most retailers haven’t utilized these cameras previously, so provide answers to their common questions.
  4. Local Media Outreach: As retail environments impact or touch most of the population, there is growing concern about this level of violence, so media outlets could have interest in featuring your company’s solutions and products.

Proactive and targeted marketing to address immediate security challenges to retailers can lead to new opportunities. If you’re interested in discussing options for and assistance with your security digital marketing, schedule a consultation with SecureMark Solutions today.

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