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Communication & Transparency with Our Clients is Our Mission

Yes, though we’ll undertake a full review of your website and will make recommendations, if needed, of what changes should be implemented prior to launching your campaign.

Yes, clients own 100% of the website that we design and develop for them.
No, we want our clients to be happy with our services, so our digital marketing agreements are month-to-month.
We’ll always be selective in asking for your time, but our marketing campaigns are more effective when speaking regularly with our clients. We look to learn about new developments in the business, in your local markets and what your customers are saying or asking you in person. This insight is very helpful for our team and enables us to customize and further optimize your campaign.
If our client’s ad budget can support both, we would recommend both. Both platforms can generate strong traffic and will cover nearly 100% of search based traffic available. While they are not on par in terms of reach and features, we often recommend an 80/20 split of the budget to cover both.
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