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Checklist on Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency For Your Security Business

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Security Industry Digital Marketing Agency Review & Hiring Checklist

Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency is Important for Your Security Business, but How to Ensure You’re Asking the Right Questions?

Given the growth in demand and technology for electronic security, it’s no surprise that there are many digital marketing agencies looking to work with your business…some local and some overseas….but how do they differ?

This Digital Marketing Agency checklist will help to guide you on the best questions to ask when evaluating agencies to help market your security firm or business.

1. How long has your agency been in business? And how long have you been marketing for security clients?

While not the top consideration, it’s important how long they’ve been successfully managing this type of work.

2. Describe your approach & process as it relates to marketing for the commercial/residential electronic security markets

An overview of their process should give you a clearer understanding of the work they intend to undertake and the steps involved. If the process is unclear or doesn’t sound correct, ask follow up questions until you are satisfied. If you’re not satisifed, move on.

3. Describe some successful content marketing examples for your security clients

Ask to see and be shown examples of successful content marketing campaigns they’ve undertaken. See for yourself and gauge the quality and writing style of their content.

4. Are your certified by Google and/or Bing for PPC campaign management?

Who is going to set up and manage your advertising campaigns. Your ad budget needs to be maximized so learn about who is going to run it for you.

5. How do you measure your success for your campaigns?

What does success look like? What are KPIs and other measurement tools used?

6. Describe your team’s strategies for partner & link-building efforts you intend to use for my campaign.

Link building can’t be overlooked and is an important component of any SEO project. What strategies have worked for them previously?

7. Who will be working on my account from your agency?

Will the person you dealt with initially, and who likely prepared your proposal, be working on an on-going basis on your account? Or will someone else? Understand the support structure and don’t be surprised by any staff changes should you start working with them.

8. Do you offer any search engine ranking guarantees for our website?

This is a trick question, as no one can guarantee rankings with SEO. Ask for examples of rankings achieved, and the specific terms ranked, as data is what speaks to their accomplishments. Google is constantly tweaking and adjusting its algorithm, so what worked yesterday may not work as well today. Better to have a digital agency be straight with you upfront rather than provide unrealistic expectations used to win your business.

Don’t rush into a decision when hiring an agency to handle your security digital marketing. This is an important decision for your business, so we encourage you to ask these checklist and your own questions to get a better understand what they offer, and build a comfort level with their team.

Looking to get started and want to discuss how we can help? Request your complimentary consultation session with our team today.

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